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[] ˹̹ʩ Konstantin Klashtorni (2004-2017) 23CD FLAC/BD

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Album Info

: Konstantin Klashtorn (˹̹ʩ)
ר : Discography
ַ : Smooth Jazz / Electronica
ҵ : Ukraine ڿ
л : Kvk Music
: 2004-2017
ָʽ : FLAC
Ʒ : Lossless | 905 kbps | 44100 Hz | Stereo | 2 Channel
С : 7.37 GB

About Artist

Konstantin Klashtorn (˹̹ʩ) һλڿĶŶҾḻ˺͵˹֣ڻѧԺɾʿѧϰ2004֮ļ,ƳһЩרҲһϵеĺǰھʿʦ Paul Hardcastle £˼һ Smooth Electronica ƽ·ߵ뷨,ʹ Kool & Klean Ӧ˶

Smooth Jazz saxophonist, Konstantin Klashtorni was born in the small town of Korosten in Ukraine. The youngest of three children, his father was an industrial engineer. His mother, a teacher, loved music. Konstantin remembers how, at family gatherings, his mother would sing while his uncle played the accordion. When he was 9 years old, his mother, noticing his early talents with music and hoping to pass her love of music on to him, took Konstantin to a local music academy, close to his school. He was given an aptitude test, was accepted and assigned to learn the clarinet. At 13, while still in the academy, he picked up playing the saxophone on his own.

At 14, Konstantin graduated school and began to study at the R. Glier Kiev Institute of Music. For Konstantin, the saxophone instructor offered some very useful instruction for the saxophone, but most importantly, the instructor still searching to be a better musician himself, instilled in Konstantin the desire to learn the soul of Jazz; interpretation. Those musicians lucky enough to feel the call to Jazz, soon learn the never-ending search of interpretation is a life-long journey and yields the most inspirational rewards. Knowing of the great jazz musicians was one thing, but where Konstantin was getting his education, there were no records from the Jazz greats such as, Charlie the Bird Parker or John Coltrane, to quench his growing thirst. While he was able to practice often, he still yearned for something that he was not finding on or around his campus. At 16, during his time at University in Ukraine, Konstantin got his feet wet in his first radio and television studio recording experiences. Through this, he continued his studies and after 4 years he graduated from Glier Kiev Institute of Music, continuing his recording for radio and television and playing with a local band in Kiev.

A couple years after graduating, yearning to travel, Konstantin went to live and work in Venezuela. His time there allowed him to mature and flourish as a saxophonist and showman. Konstantin got to sharpen his chops with the likes of Soledad Bravo, Andres Briceno, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Guaco and Alberto Naranjo. For 6 years, Konstantin played and toured in Venezuela and throughout South America, becoming adept at the feel and flavor of the incredibly popular Latin Jazz sound. You can still hear their influence, not just in his horn when he blows, but even in his mixing and production at times.

Next, it was time to return to Europe and continue his formal education. Konstantin arrived in the Netherlands and attended the Rotterdam Conservatory, now Codarts for a time. He went on to receive his Masters of Music Arts from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague and after 8 years in the Netherlands, he moved to Germany.

Playing for over 3 decades, Konstantin Klashtorni is still going strong. He is a seasoned and world-class Smooth Jazz saxophonist, who currently calls Germany his home. Konstantins musical influences are Eric Marienthal, David Sanborn, Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright and Kenny Garrett. His production influences are Brian Culbertson and Paul Hardcastle. ת磩

Album List

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Kool and Klean
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