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[] RCA Living Stereo Collection ڶ 60CDs (2014)FLAC/BD

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Beethoven- Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major Op. 19- I. Allegro con brio

Album Info

ר : RCA Living Stereo Collectors V2 60CD
: ŵ RCA Living Stereo ϵղ ڶ
ַ : Classical
л : RCA Red Seal / Sony Classical
: May 13, 2014
ָʽ : FLAC
Ʒ : Lossless | 16-Bit | 44100 Hz | Stereo | 2 Channel
С : 11.8 GB

About Album

This box contains 45 legendary Living Stereo recordings on 60 standard CDs packaged in minisleeves with the original artwork, plus a 252-page perfect-bound book with track listings and original liner notes. In the 1950s, RCA Victor made a substantial body of recordings which have come to be identified with their first stereo label, Living Stereo. At the beginning of the widespread adoption of stereo audio in the home, Living Stereo offered a wide range of music, performances, and audio quality that are still considered to be definitive today. The first commercial stereophonic recording was made by RCA in 1954 of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Charles Munch, performing The Damnation of Faust. This began the practice of simultaneously recording orchestras with both stereophonic and monaural equipment. Living Stereo influenced many classical recordings made since and represents an important part of audiophile history.

The Living Stereo Collection Volume 2 features performances from great artists and orchestras, including Vladimir Horowitz, Byron Janis, Arthur Rubinstein, Fritz Reiner, Erich Leinsdorf, Arthur Fiedler, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops Orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra, and many more.

This set contains the following albums on 60 standard CDs. Some of these recordings may be available individually or as part of other sets, but because so many of the CDs in this set only partially match previously released CDs, it is not practical to try to provide cover art or links to individual albums. We regret any inconvenience. ת磩

Album List - English

Disc 01-05 Beethoven: Piano Concertos Nr. 1-5 (Rubinstein, Symphony of the Air, Krips)
Disc 06 Strauss: Burleske for Piano & Orchestra; Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto Nr. 1 (Janis, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Reiner)
Disc 07 Tchaikovsky: Symphony Nr. 6 "Pathetique" (Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Reiner)
Disc 08 Tchaikovsky: Symphony Nr. 5 (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Monteux)
Disc 09 Hovhaness: Mysterious Mountain / Stravinsky: The Fairy's Kiss (Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Reiner)
Disc 10 Brahms: Piano Concerto Nr. 1 (Graffman, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Munch)
Disc 11 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Liszt: Rigoletto-Paraphrase (Janis)
Disc 12 Rossini: Overtures (Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Reiner)
Disc 13 Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Suite (Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Reiner)
Disc 14 Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nr. 7 & 23 Appassionata (Vladimir Horowitz)
Disc 15 Tchaikovsky: Symphony Nr. 4 (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Monteux)
Disc 16 Mahler: Songs of a Wayfarer; Kindertotenlieder (Forrester, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Munch)
Disc 17 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas Nr. 5 Kreutzer & Nr. 9 Frhling (Arthur Rubinstein, Henryk Szeryng)
Disc 18 Schubert: String Quartet "Death and the Maiden" (Juilliard String Quartet)
Disc 19 Khachaturian: Masquerade-Suite; Kabalewsky: The Comedians (RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra, Kondrashin)
Disc 20 Copland: Appalachian Spring; The Tender Land-Suite (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Copland)
Disc 21 Bizet: Carmen for Orchestra (Morton Gould and His Orchestra)
Disc 22 Reiner conducts Wagner (Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Reiner)
Disc 23 The Virtuoso Liszt (Gary Graffman)
Disc 24 Brahms: Piano Concerto Nr. 2 (Richter, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Leinsdorf)
Disc 25 Julian Bream Guitar Concertos (Giulini, Arnold, Melos Ensemble)
Disc 26 Schubert: Piano Sonata D. 850 (Emil Gilels)
Disc 27 Beethoven: Serenade op. 8; Kodaly: Duo for Violin & Cello (Jascha Heifetz, William Primrose, Gregor Piatigorsky)
Disc 28 The Golden Age of English Lute Music (Julian Bream)
Disc 29 Beethoven: String Trio op. 9 Nr. 2; Schubert: String Trio Nr. 2; Bach: 3 Sinfonias (Jascha Heifetz, William Primrose, Gregor Piatigorsky)
Disc 30 Grieg: Piano Concerto op. 16; Piano Works (Rubinstein, Alfred Wallenstein and Orchestra)
Disc 31 My favorite Chopin (Van Cliburn)
Disc 32 Saint-Saens: The Carnival of the Animals; Britten: The Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra (Boston Pops Orchestra, Fiedler)
Disc 33 Chopin: Les Sylphides; Prokofiev: The Love for Three Oranges Suite (Boston Pops Orchestra, Fiedler)
Disc 34 Dvorak: Symphony Nr. 4 (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Munch)
Disc 35 Mahler: Symphony Nr. 1 (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Leinsdorf)
Disc 36 Debussy: Prelude a lapres-midi dun faune; Nuages; Fetes; Printemps (Boston Symphony Orchestra, Munch)
Disc 37-39 Puccini: Tosca (Milanov, Björling, Warren, Rome Opera Orchestra, Leinsdorf)
Disc 40-41 Beethoven: Symphony Nr. 8 & 9 (Price, Forrester, Poleri, Tozzi, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Munch)
Disc 42-43 Berlioz: Romeo e Juliette (Elias, Valletti, Tozzi, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Munch)
Disc 44-46 Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor (Peters, Peerce, Tozzi, Maero, Rome Opera Orchestra, Leinsdorf)
Disc 47-50 Rossini: The Barber of Seville (Merrill, Peters, Corena, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Leinsdorf)
Disc 51-53 Verdi: Otello (Vickers, Rysanek, Gobbi, Rome Opera Orchestra, Serafin)
Disc 54-56 Bach: Mass in B minor BWV 232 (Robert Shaw Chorale and Orchestra, Shaw)
Disc 57-58 Verdi: Requiem (Nilsson, Chookasian, Bergonzi, Flagello, Boston Chorus Pro Musica, Nash Petterson)
Disc 59-60 Chopin: Nocturnes (Arthur Rubinstein)

Album List - Chinese

Disc 1-5 ңЭȫ( ٣³˹̹˹ָӿн)
Disc 6 .˹˹Ϸŵ򣺵һЭ(٣˹ָ֥Ӹ罻)
Disc 7 ɷ˹(ָ֥Ӹ罻)
Disc 8 ɷ˹彻(ָӲʿٽ)
Disc 9 ˹صɽ ˹˹ Ů֮ (ָ֥Ӹ罻)
Disc 10 ķ˹һЭ(٣ϣָӲʿٽ)
Disc 11 ˹ͼչ(ٶ)˹أ硶Ūı(٣˹)
Disc 12 ᣺(ָ֥Ӹ罻)
Disc 13 ɷ˹Ҽ(ָ֥Ӹ罻)
Disc 14 ң7 23"" (٣ά)
Disc 15 ɷ˹ Ľ(ָӲʿٽ)
Disc 16 գ֮裬 ֮(˹ݳϣָӲʿٽ)
Disc 17 ңС5족9޲ɡ(٣³˹̹С٣л)
Disc 18 ޿ƷҮɽ.˹(ָ֥Ӹ罻)
Disc 19 ǡͼз˹ (ָRCA)
Disc 20 ֮(ָӲʿٽ)
Disc 21 Ȳţֶӿ(Ī.ŶָĹ)
Disc 22 ָ߸
Disc 23 ˹سƷ
Disc 24 ķ˹ڶЭ(٣أ˹ָӲʿٽ)
Disc 25 ķͰŵµļЭ
Disc 26 沮أD850(٣ж˹)
Disc 27 ңСҹ ´СٵĶ(С٣ƴģ٣ķ˹٣Ƥǵٸ˹)
Disc 28 Ӣ³ٵĻƽʱ(ķ)
Disc 29 沮ص(С٣ƴģ٣ķ˹٣Ƥǵٸ˹)
Disc 30 񣺸ЭŵҵķСƷ(٣³˹̹˹ָ̹)
Disc 31 Фֿ
Disc 32 ʥɣ񻶽ڣ٣ֶָ(ѵָӲʿͨ)
Disc 33 Ф֡Ů޿ƷҮ򣺡ӵİ顷 (ѵָӲʿͨ)
Disc 34 Ŀˣ8(ϣָӲʿٽ)
Disc 35 գһ(˹ָӲʿٽ)
Disc 36 ±ҹ (ϣָӲʿٽ)
Disc 37-39 ᣺硶˹ȫ(Լֵݳ˹ָԺ)
Disc 40-41 ң91(ָ֥Ӹ罻)
Disc 42-43 ȣŷҶ(ϣָӲʿٽ)
Disc 44-46 ɵ٣Ħ¶(˹ָԺ)
Disc 47-50 ᣺άǵʦ(˹ָӴ󶼻)
Disc 51-53 ڣ(ȵݳָԺ)
Disc 54-56 ͺգBС(޲.Фָżϳ)
Disc 57-58 ڣ(ѷݳ˹ָӲʿٽ)
Disc 59-60 Фҹ(٣³˹̹)

Track List



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